Lunasin's ability to support cardiovascular health was acknowledged by the
American Heart Association at their Annual Scientific Session in November. 
Dr. Alfredo Galvez's presentation abstract was selected for publication in
the prestigious AHA Journal, Circulation!

View the abstract here.

Lunasin Technology in the News!
Nutrition Industry Executive, October 2012
Progress In the Cholesterol Puzzle

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What is Lunasin?

Lunasin is a soy peptide that exhibits health promoting characteristics. Scientific evidence indicates that Lunasin is a key component in soy protein responsible for its cholesterol-lowering properties. Lunasin is a unique, 43 chain amino acid peptide found within soybeans. Recent research and development surrounding this soy peptide focuses on promotion of healthy cholesterol levels. In addition to lunasin exhibiting cholesterol lowering properties, research shows it also has cancer preventive properties.

Lunasin Mechanism of Action

Lunasin video Watch video of how Lunasin soy peptide works to lower LDL cholesterol.